Product Showcase

At Empire Rollers and Coatings we are dedicated to delivering products and services to help you improve the efficiency of your operations. Our rollers and coatings deliver tremendous results because of our unique manufacturing process and our commitment to providing the highest quality.



  • Increased durability and immunity to wear
  • Excellent release and lubricity properties
  • Reduced energy consumption by up to 50%*
  • Thermal control and protection
  • Hygienic and non-reactive surfaces
  • Dielectric and insulating properties
  • Chemical, ozone and corrosion resistance

New Product Announcement

Our new Printing Rolls were developed to handle the unique requirements of dampening systems in the offset printing industry. The Glassteel coating provides unparalleled durability against premature wear common in this process. Read our press release here.

What is Glassteel?

Imagine a coating on your corona treater rolls, dip rolls, acid bath rolls, cooling rolls and more that is virtually impenetrable to chemicals, highly resistant to corrosion and lasts 15-20 years. That’s just the beginning of the benefits of Glassteel. When we developed Glassteel we learned that by fusing this special coating to a steel substrate during the manufacturing process we could create a non-porous and extremely dense structure. Learn more about Glassteel.

Our Coating Family

Depending on your industry, we offer a wide range of coatings to suit your exact specifications. We can help you determine which of our coating solutions will improve the efficiency and performance of your operations. Our Glassteel, Ceramic, Carbide, Metal, Alloy, PTFE and other FEP coatings provide the best solution for your most difficult applications.

The Industry’s Only Five-Year Warranty

5-year-logoMost treater rolls coated with ceramic, silicone, epoxy or hypalon break down within six months to two years, which is why these manufacturers only offer very limited warranties on their products. We warrant all Glassteel-coated treater rolls to be free of defects in material and workmanship for five years from the date of shipment.

*From A Study of Energy Savings in Corona Treatment of Packaging Films white paper. To review click here.