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corrEnamel ROLLERS

Dip Roller, Wash Tank Rollers, Chemical Bath Roller, Sizing Roller, Surface Treatment Roller


Glassteel Dip and Chemical Bath Rollers are coated with a proprietary, highly corrosive resistant Glasssteel coating that withstands harsh chemicals and cleaning agents without degrading. It’s amorphous surface can be ground and polished to a desired finish to prevent snagging of fibers or damage to substrates.

Application and Performance


Empire Rollers and Coatings corrEnamel rollers are placed in-line, in wash tanks or chemical baths  during the processing, stretching, sizing or finishing of Carbon Fiber, Prepreg Materials, Filaments, Fiberglass,  Fabrics and Non-Woven materials.  corrEnamel rollers have unique design and functional benefits including:

The corrEnamel roller surface is highly corrosive and abrasive resistant and is easily maintained. Resin build-up and fiber snags are minimized. If necessary, resin build-up can be easily removed using acetone, dioxolane or other solutions without harming the coating surface. The corrEnamel coating can be finished “over the roll edge” for submersion in wash tank acids or other chemical treatments. It’s inorganic, porous free surface won’t breakdown and will significantly outlast metal, ceramic and chrome plated rollers. The roller surface is very smooth to prevent snagging. The non-stick surface also functions well in laminating, stretching and finishing applications and when materials need to be removed from forming mandrels. 

Abrasion Resistance


Corrosion Resistance


Roller Diameters

4.0” – 24.0”

Roller Face Length

Up to 138.0”

Surface Finish

To customer specification