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Empire Rollers & Coatings is the only company in the world to successfully develop a way to apply our Glassteel coating to steel rollers. Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical and medical packaging industry or in fibers, textiles and composites processing, our custom rollers coupled with our unique coatings will save you both time and money. While other companies produce standard rollers, we have the knowledge of your processes and applications allow us to understand the best solution for the problem you’re facing.

Empire Roller

If you are ready to increase productivity and efficiency, Empire Rollers & Coatings has the solutions for you. We take the time to get to know your business and needs in order to create the best customized roller for you. We are problem solvers at heart. Don’t waste any more time and money servicing down equipment. Instead, make the switch to Empire Rollers & Coatings today!

Customer Testimonial

“We have purchased 14 glass steel corona backing rolls from Empire Rollers and Coatings for use in our plant. Every single roll was completed to spec and delivered on time. The use of these rolls in our plant has reduced our power needs dramatically compared to the prior backing roll technology. We have also experienced an increase in our machine uptime…less downtime. I highly recommend that you contact Mike Cordes at Empire for your corona backing roll needs.”

Richard Langin – Process Engineer, The Haartz Corporation

For more information about our products, please contact us at 585-924-2020 . We look forward to helping you with creative solutions for your business needs.