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thermEnamel ROLLERS

Cooling Roller, Chill Roll, Heat Transfer Roller, Oven Roll, Heating Roller


Empire Rollers and Coatings manufactures heating and cooling rollers with our proprietary thermEnamel coating.  The thermEnamel coating has superior thermal conductivity properties to allow precise temperature control across the roll face and your substrate.

Application and Performance


Our thermEnamel Heating and Cooling rollers are used in a wide range of converting processes, film extrusion, paper processing, plastic film and sheet manufacturing, food processing, and lithium-ion film manufacturing. We have the ability to engineer to your exact specifications while providing a product that ensures long life and minimal maintenance. 

thermEnamel rollers provide consistent web temperature across the entire roll face, even during long production runs or increases in line speeds.  Our rollers maintain temperatures +/- 1 degree F across the entire roll face.  thermEnamel rollers work well with all types of thermal transfer fluids such as hot oil, water, glycol and specialty chemicals.  These rollers have excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance to improve roller life and reduce maintenance costs.

Thermal Conductivity


Processing Temperatures (continuous)

0 to 450F

Corrosion Resistance


Face Length

Up to 138.0”

Abrasion Resistance


Surface Finish

To customer specification